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Poised for Practice

What is
Professional Poise?

It’s personal

 'Preserving the soul

means that we come out of hiding

at last and bring more of ourselves

into the workplace.'

David Whyte


It’s political

More and more we must find ways to navigate our professional roles, and steer our organisations and our communities in the precarity of the social, political and historical drivers of our times.

Complex sociological issues are always at play and sometimes these are hard to distinguish - the really big issues – wicked problems.
Knowing this and framing our worlds from this sociological lens can be of great assistance in advancing our professional practice, our teams, our organisations and our communities.


So, equipped with robust sound knowledge of these drivers and forces, we work with you to build

professionals, teams, organisations and communities,

providing critical sensemaking and analysis.

Poised for Practice, even in precarity.

Professional Poise

Professional Poise is a real and practical package tailored to you and your organisation or community to support you to lead your practice.  


Professionals, leaders, organisations and communities will be equipped to apply a wider lens, for perspective – tirohanga – to see what is really going on in your immediate frame of reference. Together we will develop evidence based analysis, plans, strategies, frameworks and tools that are easily accessible, manageable and measurable, and most importantly sustainable and ethical.

These are designed to engage with the bigger forces at play in your professional environment, and be ready for what may come.


Professional Poise is sociologically informed.

Professional supervision

For managers and interprofessional practitioners

Workplace oppression & scapegoating 

support and solutions 

Specialising in tools for leaders, managers and interprofessional practitioners

Leadership training
and development

Organisational, for managers, practitioners, community, and diverse settings.

Organisational and community ethnography and life history

Strategic planning

Identity, diversity, racism and

critical anti racism training

Policy and governance development

Training solutions


What are you going to do about it?

Together, we will develop a tailored sociological package of potent Professional Poise, designed to see you, your organisation or your community. Supporting you and sustaining you sociologically. You will feel ready to understand, frame, anticipate, respond, plan, challenge, and practise – all with calm, confidence, and flexibility.

Poised to sustain yourself and those around you even in Precarity.


Poised for Practice. 

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